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Drawing dicks everywhere since 1983.
Now even on the metaverse!

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🍆 Why dicks?

That's a very good question, why a collection of dicks and not apes, punks, cats, or even manga characters?

To be honest I don't really have the answer.
It's probably some kind of childhood-repressed-Freudian-feeling. I've been drawing dicks everywhere since I'm a kid. On the toilet walls at school, in the snow, on the school benches, every time I have a pen with a sheet of paper actually.

Recently, with all this remote work, I realized that I was drawing penises every time someone shared their screen with me in a Zoom call.

But also, these dicks are a symbol. They represent this need to do something without taking ourselves too seriously. A sweet memory of this youthful carefreeness in a sense...

Vincenzo Ruggiero

💎 Traits & Rarity

The Dickheads Club consists of 2,222 algorithmically generated pieces of art (yes!) assembled from arround 100 different traits. Even though no two dicks are the same, some variations are rarer than others. The rarest NFTs are randomly distributed in the collection, so you have to be lucky to mint one.

Real names

Dickhead #0001, Dickhead #0002, etc. Boring isn't it? Yeah, we also think it's boring to name your NFTs with numbers. That's why we decided to give each dickhead a unique and complete name.

Some celebrity names are also hidden in the collection...


Each dickhead also has a birthday! This birthday is present in the metadata and will be visible on OpenSea. Our plan is to use this birthday for future projects developments...

Super Rare!

🦄 1/1 Legendary Dicks

4 legendary dicks are also hidden in the collection.

These dicks are not made using the regular traits of the collection. They are 1/1 pieces. It means they are completely unique and absolutely legendary!



A roadmap? Seriously? We are making a collection of dicks! What kind of roadmap do you expect?
But ok, let's try to shape some milestones (because we actually have some kind of a roadmap):

  • Whitelist

    This is the current phase of the project. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or join our Discord to get a spot on our white list.

  • Pre-sale

    100 whitelisted members will be able to mint dicks (max 20 per address) at a discounted price during a 2 days only!

  • Public Sale

    On launch day, everybody can mint as many dicks as they want at public sale price. Only 2,222 dicks available!

  • Giveaways

    At 50% mint sale, we'll randomly airdrop some Dickheads NFT to holders!

    Call it a penises' rain.

  • 1 ETH Giveaway!

    After sell out we will give away 1 ETH to a randomly picked person that minted a dickhead.

    The more you mint, the higher are your chances to win!

  • The Dickheads Wall™

    Holders of a dickhead will be able to express themselves on a white wall, directly on this website. Draw anything you like: a dick, a pussy, a link to your website, anything!

    The first dApp toilet wall!

  • Gen 2 (Enlarge your NFTs)

    We'll probably not make serums and mutant dicks, our goal is to start working on a GEN2 collection, a 3D or an animated version for example.
    The idea is to make a collection of 4,444 NFTs and airdop 50% of the collection to GEN1 holders for free! The remaining 50% will be sold.

  • Unfair Advantages

    This is probably the most important part of our roadmap.

    The Dickheads Club is the first project of the 0x Odyssey studio and we have a lot of projects in the boxes.

    Having a dickhead in your wallet means you were an early investor of the studio. And as an investor, be sure that we'll always give you crazy unfair advantages on all future projects...


Have any questions? The best place to find out more about the Dickheads Club is on the 0x Odyssey Studio Discord.

  • What is a NFT?

    Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital assets such as collectibles, gaming, art, and virtual assets that are exchanged over blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and come with their digital signature that designate ownership of the asset.

    NFT cannot be easily exchanged for something of similar value, simply because their distinctive properties make them one-of-a-kind. We say they are "non-fungible". Since no two NFTs are exactly the same, their value is based on the rarity of the item and the community driving it.

  • Who’s the team behind the Dickheads Club?

    The Dickheads Club is the first NFT collection launched by 0x Odyssey Studio.

    0x Odyssey has been founded by Vincenzo Ruggiero (vincenzor.eth), Belgian entrepreneur for more than 15 years. The goal of the studio is to craft and launch more projects around NFT, DeFi, DAO, or more generally around blockchain technologies.

  • How many NFTs will be available?

    The Dickheads Club is a collection of 2,222 NFTs. Drawn by hand and assembled by code. No Dick is the same!

    Before minting start we'll reserve 50 NFTs for giveways, airdrops and contests. They will be stored in the studio vault.

  • Is there a pre-sale / whitelist?


    There is a pre-sale for whitelisted members. Whitelisted members will be able to mint before everybody at a preferred price!

    You can get access to the whitelist by participating in contests & giveaways on our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram), or on our Discord.

  • When does minting begin?

    Whitelist sale will be open on the 13th of May at 16:00 UTC.

    Public sale will be open 48 hours later, on the 15th of May at 16:00 UTC.

    Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to be the first one to know.

  • What are your secondary royalty fees?


    It means everytime someone sell a dickhead on second markets we take a 7.5% cut. These fees will be use to fund the next projects of the studio.

  • Do I get full commercial rights over my Dickheads?


    When you acquire a Dickhead collectible you get the full deal, including commercial-use rights.

  • Can you share some technical information about your smartcontract?

    Of course! We opted for the ERC721A contract made by Azuki. This contract allows minting multiple NFTs for almost the same cost as minting a single one.

    The address of our contract is 0xef4Dd4ea7FAafb912D93236A79981A3F56fe2F15